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Our Founders

Hear from our founders about the future they're building and what it's like to work with Anorak

Greg Castle

Managing Partner

Entrepreneur and corporate marketer turned venture investor with a focus on early-stage, disruptive technology. Greg has worked closely with and invested in over 80 seed stage companies, counting five companies that achieved +$1B valuations (Oculus, Flexport, Anduril, Mux, and Rec Room). He invests internationally and leverages his network to help unlock new partnership and funding opportunities. Previously, Greg founded and ran a restaurant chain before moving into technology as a marketing executive at Scaleform (acq. 2011), Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK), and Glassdoor (acq. 2018).

Our interests

Virtual Reality

Immersive, interactive digital environments will change the landscape of entertainment, communication and education

Artificial Intelligence

Truly intelligent systems that can react quickly with a high degree of accuracy will drive extraordinary innovation

Stagnant Industries

Large industries, slow to adapt to the changing technological landscape represent opportunity for disruption


Improvements in affordability are increasing adoption of consumer/industrial robotics, altering businesses and improving lives

Computer Vision

Giving computers the ability to see and understand the world provides new options for people and businesses

Emerging Markets

By 2050, 75% of the global population will reside in Africa and Asia. Increased average income levels offer opportunity for business

What we look for


Highly specialized teams

We invest in Anoraks! People with a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects pertaining to our fund. Having high-caliber, focused knowledge on the founding team provides a substantial advantage to the company.

Solving tough problems

In order to push the boundaries of technology there are many difficult problems that must be solved, technical and otherwise. We look for teams trying to solve these problems and leverage our own knowledge and connections to help them succeed.

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