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The Anorak Ventures Guide to Branding, Marketing, Communication, and Fundraising for Pre-Seed and Seed-stage Founders

Our best resources for helping your company stand out and get noticed in a noisy world

As a leading pre-seed and seed-stage VC firm in emerging technology (including VR/AR, Computer Vision and AI, and Robotics), Anorak Ventures frequently meets incredibly strong technical founders with deep domain expertise, who have both a great business idea and the right skills to deliver it. However, even the greatest companies don't automatically get recognized as great on Day 1. To stand out in a noisy world, with more products and more startups than ever before, startups must have crisp, effective, and distinctive communications. Everyone who hears about your company -- customers, investors, journalists, or potential employees -- should immediately understand what your company does and why it's interesting.


We'd broadly call this "startup marketing," but at the earliest stages, the most important marketing work is done internally. 

As an investor, Anorak Ventures tend to specialize in supporting our founders in these areas, so we built this guide as a high-level guide to help you get started. As an Anorak Ventures portfolio company, we would be working with you hands-on, as needed, to help you refine your startup's messaging to its absolute best.

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