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2019 Anorak Partner Meeting Slides

Last week Anorak held it’s second annual partner meeting. The goal is to bring together our LPs and portfolio companies to learn, connect and support each other. I’m grateful for all those who took time out of their busy schedule to attend and feel inspired by the support shown both during and after the event. What follows are the slides I presented providing a macro perspective on venture and Anorak, along with some color commentary.

Special thanks to these guys for sponsoring both the event and reception!

Learn about our companies, Connect with each other to explore mutual interests and opportunities, Support our companies through advice, contacts, and resources

Special thanks to Ryan Petersen, Flexport CEO who gave an inspired Fireside Chat

Value outpacing deals due in large part to later stage mega-rounds

Previous point visualized

And again…

Since the beginning of the year there has been a material impact to Asia. Previously there was a lot of media coverage on the current administration’s issues, but it only recently started impacting the numbers. Significant decrease in new funds and reductions in startup valuations have delayed capital deployment in the region

Majority of Fortune 500 companies have a CVC arm. Companies are using CVC as extension to business development efforts

Increasing number of funding options available

🤦 What previously was seed, is now pre-seed

Q1 2019 is largest in history. If this continues we’re sure to have the biggest year ever for US exits

Steady pace of deployment for Anorak, about 1.25 deals per month

Investment size adjusted average is $12.5M post money for Anorak

Last year VR/AR accounted for 42% of the portfolio, we’ve diversified and it now comprises 31% overall

One year ago, the Bay Area was home to 58% of Anorak companies. As we’re finding more interesting and cash efficient startups outside the Bay Area that number has dropped to 50%

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